Selected Partners

Acorn Consulting Services, LLC

Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning Systems; Workplace Exposures to Hazardous Materials

ARIA Technologies

Environmental Consulting; Air Pollution Multi-Scale Modeling

Bay Modeling

Modeling of surface water hydrodynamics, water quality, sediment transport and particle tracking.

EnviroComp Institute

Research and Development Studies; Academic, Publication and Editorial Activities

Environmental Analytical Services, Inc.

Ambient Air Analysis, Indoor Air Pollutant Measurements, Source Test Methods, Gas and Fuel Analysis, Soil Gas Analysis, Vapor Intrusion Analysis

Enviroware S.R.L.

Environmental Impact Assessment, Industrial risk evaluation, Air Pollution Software


Soil Pollution, Chemical Engineering, Toxicology and Epidemiology

Hromadka & Associates

Surface water and groundwater; planning and evaluation of drainage, flood control, floodplain, groundwater, sediment transport, and contaminant transport processes

Lagus Applied Technology

Indoor Tracer Experiments; Ventilation Performance Assessment; Exhaust Reentrainment/Recirculation Quantification; Contaminant Migration Studies; Chemical & Biological Release Accident Investigations; Indoor Air Quality Studies; Precision Flowrate Determination

Lakes Environmental

Development of robust and easy-to-use software, training, and services to consulting companies, industry, governmental agencies, and academia.

Odor Science and Engineering, Inc.

Odor Science and Engineering, Inc., (OS&E) is recognized as one of the world's leading specialized odor consulting companies. OS&E's services range from odor problem definition through establishing control requirements to design of cost-effective control systems.

SCS Tracer Environmental

Tracer Sciences; Tracer Experiments; Risk management; Environmental Engineering

TWA8HR Occupational Hygiene Consulting

TWA8HR Occupational Hygiene Consulting provides innovative solutions in retrospective and current exposure assessments for epidemiology studies, occupational, consumer, and general population exposures and risk assessments for chemicals, noise, other hazards, including pathogens such as Legionella.

Ivar Tombach, Ph.D., Environmental Consulting

Data Analysis, Environmental Policy, Air Pollution Management, Air Pollution Visibility, Control Strategies.

SINAPSI Innotec S.R.L.

Numerical Fluid dynamics, heat transfer, production of software for Thermal Systems Analysis

Studio di Ingegneria Forense

Forensic Engineering, Anti-counterfeiting, Audio Forensics, Crime Scene Investigation

Trinity Consultants, Inc.

Air Pollution Regulatory Modeling, Compliance Assistance, Permitting Support; Development of user-friendly modeling software

T&B Systems, Inc.

Air Quality and Meteorological Monitoring; Meteorological & Air Quality Auditing; Tracer Studies; Specialized Weather Forecasting


Industrial hygiene, human and environmental toxicology, medical toxicology, risk assessment, and preventive, occupational, and emergency medicine